Problem based Learning Institute for Nurse Educators

This website has been created to inform nurse educators of two learning opportunities offered through the Institute for Nurse Educators, a continuing education initiative created to promote the adaptation of Problem-based Learning (PBL) in undergraduate nursing curricula. The first learning opportunity is a four-week workshop and seminar series that focuses on developing a basic understanding of PBL such as exploring the underlying tenets of PBL and addresses issues related to adaptation of this approach to teaching and learning. The second, a sabbatical option, offers in-depth mentoring by experienced McMaster faculty and is available to educators who have a basic understanding of PBL.

In addition to the two educational opportunities this website provides you with many useful resources related to PBL and nursing education. We have compiled a number of hyperlinks to websites and databases related to PBL, clinical nursing and nursing education as well as identified some texts you may find helpful when considering PBL, educational change and curriculum design. We are also constructing a PBL News & Resources section where we will post upcoming events, items of interest and Tips for Tutors. On the Tips’ page you are invited to comment on your successes and challenges with PBL and ask questions about strategies for implementation.

Educators who are interested in pursuing PBL as an area of study can browse through our detailed information related to the educational options. View our list of contributors; former participants and McMaster faculty and explore many possibilities for additional travel, sightseeing and accommodations. This information isĀ  available on our Accommodation and Tourism page with links to many sights of interest.

Our Mission

  • To provide responsive, comprehensive instructional development in Problem-based Learning (PBL) as it relates to nursing curricula.
  • To consult and collaborate with participants in order to develop a course of study that meets their learning needs.
  • To promote sustainability of PBL as a teaching/learning methodology by developing and maintaining accessible networks and resources related to PBL and nursing education.

Contact Information

Michele Drummond-Young, BScN, MHSc (HCP)
Chair, Institute for Nurse Educators

1-905-525-9140 ext. 22405
Postal address
School of Nursing, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, L8N 3Z5, Canada
Electronic mail
[email protected]